General Awareness for MBA covering Business Awareness & Current News
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General Awareness for MBA covering Business Awareness & Current News

Online General Knowledge (GK) course for XAT, IIFT, SNAP, CMAT, TISS & all MBA exams (GD’s and PI’s)

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Important: 8 out of 28 questions asked in IIFT 2012 General Awareness section were from this course

With a few days left for most major MBA exams, where should you spend your time? Update your knowledge of general awareness covering business affairs, business current affairs, current affairs, to get more percentile in your XAT, IIFT, SNAP, MAT and other MBA entrance exams. This General Awareness for MBA also helps you do well in your Group Discussions (GD’s) and Personal Interviews (PI’s). As they say “One effort - three results!”

Important : Don’t make the mistake by not preparing for General Awareness!

As with other MBA entrance exam aspirants you must also be focusing mostly on Quantitative aptitude, Verbal Aptitude, Data Interpretation and Logical Reasoning. But General Awareness covering Business Awareness & Current Affairs can help you answer those crucial questions correctly and get you a higher percentile.

Why this course (by Ravi Handa) is your best bet for General Awareness for MBA exams?
Maximum returns in a limited time!

Spend just an hour every day and complete your preparation for Business Affairs, Business Awareness and Current Affairs i.e. complete general awareness.

Enroll now with the most up to date and complete package for General Awareness for MBA exams: 9 chapters + 1 Video for IIFT + 45 Tests with more than 1000 questions.


  • Major Global Companies (44 Pages) – Sector wise information on major global companies. Covers information like – founding years, headquarters, founders, current heads, etc.
  • Major Indian Companies (32 Pages) – Sector wise information on major global companies. Covers information like – founding years, headquarters, founders, current heads, etc.
  • Timelines (17 Pages) – They give you an idea of how various industries have shaped over time.
  • Brand Quotient (9 Pages) – Sector wise information on brands of major companies. Brand ambassadors of major brands.
  • Books (16 Pages) – Business related books and authors. Also, famous books about companies.
  • Taglines / Punchlines (16 Pages) – Sector wise information on taglines / punch lines of major brands & companies.
  • Business & Economic Abbreviations (5 Pages) – Expansions of the commonly used terms in business & economics.
  • Business Terminologies (21 Pages) – Key terms which are used in business & economics.
  • Awards / Medals / Prizes – Details about all the important awards and award winners.
  • Country Capital Currency – Important information about various countries around the globe.
  • Heads of Organizations – Current heads of various Indian and International Organizations. Also, heads of government from some important countries.
  • Mergers and Acquisitions – Details of important deals, mergers and acquisitions from the recent past.
  • Social Awareness – Information on Ministries, Government Schemes and Important Committees. Relevant for exams like TISS and IRMA.
  • Lines and Frontiers – Information on important borders, lines, frontiers. Part of Static GK. Relevant for SNAP and IIFT.


  • IIFT Fundas – What are International Business and foreign trade and the difference between the two?


  • 45 Online Tests with more than 1000 questions
  • 2 Tests for CMAT (added in Feb 2014)
  • 12 Tests -1 Test every month till Dec 2014 containing updates of previous month current affairs

These will cover the following topics:

  • Current Affairs 2011 – 2 Tests (50 Questions)
  • Current Affairs 2012 – 6 Tests (150 Questions)
  • Current Affairs 2013-2014 – 12 Tests (300 Questions; 1 Test every month of 2014 containing updates of previous month current affairs)
  • CMAT 2014 – 2 Tests (added in Feb 2014)
  • Business Current Affairs – 4 Tests (100 Questions)
  • Business Awareness – 4 Tests (100 Questions)
  • Static General Knowledge - 4 Tests (100 Questions)

Previous Year MBA Entrance Exam Papers:

  • SNAP previous year papers from 2007 to 2012
  • IIFT previous year papers from 2008 to 2012

Note: No documents / pdfs / videos are available for download

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Language of instruction: English

About the instructor
Ravi Handa

Pune , India

Ravi Handa holds a B. Tech and M. Tech degree in Computer Science from one of the most prestigious Engineering colleges in India - IIT Kharagpur. In the last 6 years, he has trained and coached hundreds of students in quantitative aptitude portion of MBA entrance exams. He is also a contributor at many leading websites in the domain of test-prep :,,,, etc. Ravi lives in Pune, India.


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